Konsep Lirik

water lens

Today I woke up in the morning with some eerie feelings that resembled my nightmares. The dreams

that has been following me in this past few days. The series of a never ended story which has always

cuts all my dreams in two part:

one is my dream itself, the other is a pure black screen.

I  fold my hands in my knee and began to condemn everything that I could remember.

it’s certainly him,

it’s certainly her,

it’s certainly everyone that I’m despises of…

I always love a love itself, yet I hate it so much, and I couldn’t get away from it.

With the slowest gesture I lazily guide my steps through the sink. The mirror was so cold,

I could felt it when I touched it.

it’s my own reflection

it’s so cold and sad…

lirik lagu

another love, another chance



with a lot of failing

no need to say,

we’ll be going to find it soon anyway

with a white delusion

I can’t be here forever…

now good night,

with those sleepless eyes

and the shattered soul,

you’re the angel but you wouldn’t lead the way

I know this cold

has been draining our conversation…


now could’ve it been done?

when the feelings fails to grow

when it’s blurred me away

don’t be taken away

give a love another day…