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Lack of morality from the infotainment: a true moral mishap for younger generation

The imprisonment of Andi Soraya this month marked another disdain in this country’s loathed celebrity attitude. From scandals and drug abuse to violent action. For me, this series of mishaps drove me deeper into the point that watching local infotainment will only corrode your mind with such ‘news’.

I’m not a moralist, but at least, we as a normal human being can infer from  what is appropriate and what is not based on our sense and religious view. And in my humble opinion, local infotainment show doesn’t meet any of my personal ‘normal’ moral standard.

In a growing democracy atmosphere in Indonesia, we are free to broadcast any content towards something. And so do infotainment. As they are trying to improve their rating by exposing such scandals, they are affecting the minds of younger generation by planting permissive vision for such moral-degrading actions.

In the end,  my suggestion to any parents in this country is, please turn off your television when it comes to infotainment and your children are happened to watch it. Perhaps it doesn’t pose any harm to you, but it does put some damage to your children.


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