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Indonesia-Malaysia: the quarrelling brothers

We fellow Indonesian perhaps shooked out by the news of detainment of our 3 fellow officers from the ministry of fisheries and sea by Malaysian police. And the timing was perfect: It was just a few days away from our 65th independence day’s anniversary. As expected, the outraged politician and NGOs stormed the Malaysian side. The protest was carried with a various manner, from the usual condemnation by our lawmakers to flag burning and feces being throwed into Malaysian embassy’s wall.

This event strained the relationship between the two neighbouring countries. Both are member of the ASEAN. Regarding to that issue, our minister of foreign affairs has sent a protest note for Malaysia and demanding an apology for such action. On the other side, Malaysia was infuriated too for the ‘feces-throwing’ incident and considered a travel advisory for her citizen.

This kind of problem has its root in one cause: border dispute. And in my opinion should prevail in a diplomatic mission and bilateral agreement. But in a way more serious manner this time. If not, the events will just repeats for more and escalate in an uncontrollable and violent action. Both sides, as for Indonesia and Malaysia, should remain cool headed. The scourge of war will bring nothing but misery to both countries. Malaysia should never again provocating her fellow neighbours’ sovereignty, and Indonesia should encourage its people to protest in a more civilized way.

May peace be among us.


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